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Too good to be free

This game has a great combination of retro nostalgia without feeling copied. The battle and machina system is not over or under complex. It is visually appealing and the language is effectively localized. Also, it is stable on my device. It's too rare to find a game meeting these criteria and even at cost, well worth it. This game does not deserve to be free. Thank you.

Great, free, fun!

Machine Knight is a fantastic app. It's free, expansive, and fun. As far as gameplay, it's really similar to the Phantasy Star games. The world is huge, and there's many places where you can stay and level up. Like with Phantasy Star IV's Hunter's Guild, there are many rewardable missions you can go on. There's tons of NPCs and lots of lore to discover. The skill tree is pretty unique, though a little frustrating if you don't understand it. I'm 6 hours into the story so far, and I can't wait to finish it. If I had a complaint, it would be that it's a little too easy. However, if you're new to turn based RPGs, this would be a great place to start.

This game is sweet

This game is sweet

Awesome old school

Reminds me of my old school rpg's. outstanding so far

Good game

Good rpg game

Great classic feel

The flow of the game is smooth and I am excited to try out the other games you guys have

Amazing throwback!!

This game has so many decent feature it's ridiculous. It has the smooth turn-based feel. The immersive music from the beginning. The story that keeps you addicted. All of these perfect components bringing together a harmony that contests with a Michelin Star restaurant. The best description I can give for this game is that it is the legitimate of Aedis Eclipse:Generation of Chaos+Chrono Trigger.

Über fun

I really enjoy this game! Lots of fun.


For a game that doesn't try to pick pocket you every five seconds. And doesn't cost you anything to download. It's pretty good. From the battle to the story.

Best Rpg

The story is awesome and exciting, im at level 43 and spent 9 hours on the game. Getting around to objectives is confusing , thats the only con though. It would be better if a marker or something showed where to go. But otherwise great game.

Great old school rpg

Its a fun game and quite addicting. Id recommend it to fans of the old dragon quest games on nes

Lit like bic

Its cool man.


Loving it

Good Game But One Thing...

The game has a good story so far, But as I got into it I realized there's big language in this! I Hurd a girl say "So you kicked there as**s" Me & my family was Not Happy! If your a little kid, Don't Play! But still good story good graphics That's it. Iron out!

Great game

Love the game... I'm huge into rpg's and this hits every point perfectly... Great story line great battle sequences. Love the blacksmith part of the game!


Classic JRPG bringing you back to your childhood. If your new to the genre, this is a perfect game to enter with. I've enjoyed it immensely and it will remain on my phone for a long time to come.


I like it but don't you think that you should let us pick our own name and like a character

Great RPG

Sure, it's a bit cliche, especially if you've played Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, but the story is decent and mechanics are well executed. The game has IAP, but you really don't need it - even on Advanced, I often felt the game was too easy (I didn't even use my stat items). Regardless, there are two special areas behind IAP bars, though again these are totally optional. If you're into playing the game over again, there are four possible endings. As for play time: my first playthrough lasted a bit over 20 hours, so there's quite a bit of content.

This one's worth checking out

Not your generic free to play rpg. It's got heart and soul.

Very rad

Not far into it yet but it's pretty rad


Hands-down the best free RPG I have seen on the App Store. Fun story, well designed movement and battle system, and chock full of fun details. I just finished it and I don't know what to do with myself now.

a time machine :) for old school rpg lovers

you have to play it to experience its splendor :D

Feels like a classic rpg.

Its overall design was well thought out and I love the way you leveling up and select skills. The music is awesome (although more diverse music would be nice)the plot and characters are so interesting. It's got really rich and detailed dialogue. MANY MANY MISSIONS the controls are very good it feels like a classic rpg on the Super Nintendo or the Nintendo64 and is a very long game I'm about 1/5 through it and i spent 7 hrs playing it! It's so fun and I 100% recommend this to rpg game fans.

Just great

It's a great game. Story and overall gameplay.


If you're looking for a retro style RPG similar to final fantasy, this is it! Great game. Plot is a little cliche and the characters are sometimes a little weird BUT the play through is fun! Battle system is easy to learn, but challenging. Equipment creation is straightforward. The leveling mechanics, skill point allocation grid, and class progression is what really puts this game over the top. If you're ever stuck, there's plenty of walkthroughs available online, but you shouldn't need them.

Okay I guess

Long story/complex time consuming. Clunky controls. It does have great graphics.

Best rpg on IOS

I would compare this to a alternate final fantasy game. I love the combat system and the story. I recommend this to anyone looking for a fun game to play in between trips and just for casual gaming.



Is good

I'm going to be honest I'm only doing this because the game asked me to. It is a very good game though and I think if you like RPG games you should give this a try

My favorite RPG

I have played a ton of games on IOS, but have tired of them all and deleted them all within a few days. I have only played this for an hour and it is my favorite game in a long time and never knew there was a game this good for free! It reminds me a lot of the old FF4/FF5 games, this is certainly one game I'll never delete and sure I'll replay after beating!

Amazing RPG

I have never played an RPG like this. It is just amazing, good story, beautiful designs, memorable battles, fluid animation and just a lot more. This is truly a great RPG.

Something about it.

It's hard for me to find a game I'll keep coming back to. This is one of the few.


I like the game it has a good story line and easy to understand side quest the only thing it needs to improve is the bottom control it's hard to scroll and select items and to travel in dungeons and map

So far pretty awesome,

I live the pixel art style the battles are great, and so far the story is engaging. I have not beaten this yet so my reveiw is slightly biased. And don't worry about the in app purchases it's just to get stronger weapons and such you can still go through the game completely free.

AMAZING game and story

This is a game that had a lot of work put into it and will be enjoyable by everyone who plays it. I am very surprised that this is a free game that even includes a crafting/upgrading system that doesn't require money to get through the game. Great job and please keep more coming.

A travel RPG

Machine Knight is a very well designed game. I had no problems with the controls or the combat. The music and graphics are, while not AAA level, good enough for a RPG. The game is offline so it makes for a good travel game. The online functions being non-factors in the gameplay. My issues are that it has the classic RPG grind to it and that the character classes and customization are both a bit lacking. All in all the game is definitely good for long plane rides and other times when you lack internet conection.

Best game ever

I see a lot of thought and time was put in this game. I like how the battle style is like old Final Fantasy, then there's the machina board which allows you to level up skills, classes and it puts grinding at as top priority because of those side quest with the kill five of this monster.


What a great original RPG. I played it pretty thoroughly and it took me 22 hours total. Highly recommend!

Great RPG

One of the best and original Rpg i've ever played on mobile so far. It is similar to Dragon quest but I really love the style and the history. No need to pay AT ALL to finish the game.


This game has a little room for improvement, but it is still well put together. One of the best choices for a free RPG on the App Store.

A great old school rpg

A great old school rpg



Dis gaem is grat

Dis gaem is viewtifler.


This a good classic adventure game

Back in the days

This game brings me back to the early 90's. It is without a doubt a must play for old school jrpg lovers.

Machine Knight

This game... Is simply speechless... The rpg art style was very detailed and fine. The character development was fantastic. The storyline was... Utterly breathtaking. There are multiple endings in this "medium-short" rpg. The app is free. However, everyone who helped in any form to create this game deserves credit and praise for the depth and time spent to make this game so incredible. I'm going to make a youtube video about this game, mrseacoore. I cannot express in words how amazing this game is. To everyone who helped make this game, thank you.

Looks good

Still just starting the game but so far so good

Pretty good

The combat could be better, but whatever. The art is decent and the story is fun, if not wordy. Probably my biggest complaint is the music... I don't like the music :-/

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